Serena Williams spotted in a gym [see pictures]

Serena Williams was currently spotted in a gym working it out for her own health as well as the health of her not-yet-born baby.

Few champions across any sport are of the calibre as the great Serena Williams, often cited by sports experts as arguably the greatest athlete to have graced the sport of tennis.

Serena has been on a break from tennis post her pregnancy. She last played (and won) the Australian Open in January earlier this year. It was talked about as one of the greatest sporting victories considering that one got to know later that she was two weeks pregnant when she played at the first Major of the year.

Serena recently gave a glimpse on social media network Snapchat of her baby bump while hitting the gym.

She has also announced recently that she will be looking to take a shot at the all-time record of Margaret Court who won 24 Majors. Serena is one behind with 23 Majors and is targeting the Australian Open in 2018 for a return to tennis.

In fact if Serena has to look for inspiration, she has to look no beyond Margaret considering that the great Australian was pregnant four times during a stellar career and life for which she is often not given the kind of credit she actually deserves. (Gym pictures courtesy: Snapchat/ Serena Williams). See the pictures below.