Jay Z on Kanye West feud

Jay-Z is finally addressing his alleged feud with Kanye West and fans are all ears, as the former said that Kanye “crossed a line” during a rant about his issues with Jay… in which he called out Beyoncé and said she was acting like a diva.

Kanye also went on about how Jay never brought his daughter Blue Ivy to his house to play with his kids, and this seems to have angered Jay-Z enormously.

People.com reveals that in his candid chat on a Rap Red podcast, Jay-Z said, “But what really hurt me, you can’t bring my kid or my wife into it. We’ve gotten past bigger issues, but you brought my family into it, now it’s a problem with me.” 

He continued to say that even though the two of them had argued many times in the past, he respected the boundaries.

The duo seems to be nowhere close to resolving the issue and the nature of the podcast clearly communicates that.