Shocking! 50 tumours removed from woman’s uterus after three-hour surgery

Itanagar: In a shocking incident, 50 tumours were successfully removed by a team of doctors from the uterus of a woman in Itanagar.

The woman has been suffering from heavy and painful menstrual cycle for several years.

The three-hour surgery led by senior gynaecologist Dr Posting Bayang and a team of doctors was carried out at Rama Krishna Mission Hospital.

On investigations, it was found that she had multiple benign tumours in her uterus known as Myomas, Mr Bayang said on Saturday.

He said,”As she was in her early 30s and unmarried, we went for the risky uterus preserving surgery known as Myomectomy.”

Earlier, she had consulted doctors at various places where she had mostly been advised to undergo Hysterectomy, removal of the entire uterus.

The doctor said.”The three-hour operation was successfully done on August 15. The patient recovered well and has been discharged from the hospital.”

Because of heavy menstrual blood loss, the woman was anaemic and had taken multiple blood transfusions before.

Earlier, Mr Bayang and his team had successfully removed 17 and 24 tumours from two patients.

(With PTI inputs)