Bitcoin Cash finds more takers as OKCoin and Huobi start trading

Bitcoin Cash has garnered a lot of positive attention lately owing to the increase in its prices as well as record trading volumes and the sentiment will continue to favor the new cryptocurrency as two of China’s biggest bitcoin exchanges, OKCoin and Huobi, have started Bitcoin Cash trading.

Huobi acknowledged the increased acceptance of Bitcoin Cash stating that it has become one of the top three digital assets in the world with impressive trading volumes. Huobi launched BCC/CNY on 17:30, August 22, 2017 (GMT +8). OKCoin has also confirmed it will be listing Bitcoin Cash (BCC) for trading on August 22, 18:00.

The listing of BCC for trading by the two exchanges isn’t surprising considering that trading volumes of the new cryptocurrencies have reached a high of $4.4 billion in a 24 hour period. The highest ever achieved by any digital currency. Further, Bitcoin Cash price has also significantly risen with the chain becoming more profitable to mine than Bitcoin Core for the past few days, leading to many miners moving their hashrate.

While the overall sentiment for Bitcoin Cash is positive among exchanges, miners, traders and users, Coinbase stands out as the only prominent bitcoin exchange to have not yet distributed Bitcoin Cash to the bitcoin holders on their platform. There is no clarity on why Coinbase is opting such a stance but one of the speculations is that they will start distributing Bitcoin Cash at the same time when they list the cyrptocurrency for trading so that its users do not leave the platform.

There is no definite timeline dictated by Coinbase as they have said they will start distributing BCC/BCH next year while stating they are not sure whether they will list it.