Drinking Coffee Might Reduce Early Death Risk

A just published study has added to the positive news about drinking coffee. The study found that drinking between two and four cups of coffee per day was associated with an overall lower risk of death, in particular amongst drinkers who were middle-age.

The European Cardiac Society Congress’ findings come following a long-term study in Spain of close to 20,000 people. The observational study participants averaged 37 years of age, and were followed for nearly 10 years.

During that span, 337 of the participants died. Researchers found that the participants who drank a minimum of four cups per day of coffee had a 64% lower risk of dying than those who did not drink coffee frequently or never drank it.

Researchers also found there was a 22% lower risk of dying for participants that drank two cups of coffee per day.

The lower risk was particularly strong for the older participants, with two cups per day tied to a reduction of 30% in mortality.

Co-author of the study and a Hospital de Navarra cardiologist in Pamplona, Spain Dr. Adela Navarra said researchers found there was an inverse association between consuming coffee and the risk of mortality, particularly for people aged 45 and older.

The doctor added that, that might be due to strong protection association amongst the older participants.

However, that was the positive news, but the qualifier is it was just an observational study, allowing for several other factors having a possibility of coming into play.

Researchers said that they took into account factors such as sex, age, and if the participants had eaten a predominantly Mediterranean diet, which also has been linked to a number of health benefits.

This correlation between consuming coffee and lower risk of dying appears to be one that stands out. However, it is important to take note that it is just a correlation, not a proof of causation.

This study nonetheless adds to previous ones that have found positive connections between drinking coffee and better health.

However, why that is, is still up for debate. Coffee is rich in antioxidants, in particular chlorogenic acids, which might exert an anti-inflammatory, protective effect within the body as well as the brain.

The more that is learned about inflammation dangers, the more it seem likely that foods which help in reducing it are our lifesavers in not such an exaggerated form.