Leak of Apple Data Reveals Latest iPhone will be Huge

The new generation iPhone is expected to be the biggest ever of Apple’s iPhones in a number of ways. It is going to have the largest display of any previous iPhones, the largest increase of price of any prior iPhone, and most believe it will deliver more sales than any previous iPhone model even with what are expected to be delays at times in availability.

However, there is something even bigger coming with the iPhone.

One report, which cites reliable Apple sources, said that the company would be launching a new iPhone with a display that is almost 6.5 inches. However, that phone will not arrive until sometime in 2018 as the iPhone 8 Plus version.

His new phone is expected to be larger than any of the high-end rival phones, including the Galaxy Note 8 and will be paired with a 5.85-inch display iPhone, that is thought to be the iPhone 8S or if iPhone 9, creating the big and little pattern that customers have become used to dating back to the launching in 2014 of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models.

The work on this year’s new edition of the iPhone series that launched annually in September started in April, which is earlier than normal, but most believe that was due to different factors including production plans and facilities where it would be produced.

If this latest leak of data about the next generation iPhones is true, the changes will mean an end will come to the designs that are iPhone 6-based.

The new report said that Apple will have three models which leave room for returning an updated version of the iPhone SE, possibly based upon the chassis from the iPhone 6 instead of the current SE being based on the iPhone 5.

In addition, as big as the nearly 6.5-inch iPhone seems to be when seen on paper, it should be noted that the 5.85-inch new iPhone 8 is only slightly larger than the current iPhone 7 which is 4.7 inches because of the tiny bezels it has.

Therefore, assuming the same logic is applied by Apple to its 5.5-inch iPhone Plus, there will be a similar increase in screen size without making the new iPhone bigger feeling for the hand.

The report also said the new iPhone could be over 50% more expensive that last year’s iPhone 7 which means it could have a starting price of $1,200.