Xiaomi Wants to Upstage Next iPhone With Mi Mix Successor

Xiaomi’s Mi Mix, the bezel-less smartphone received a great deal of attention upon its launch in October of 2016. How the phone maker based in China is becoming more opportunistic with its successor, which is planning to be unveiled at a Beijing event held one day prior to the launch of the latest iPhone.

The timing for Xiaomi is perfect. Its device in October was a huge hit and huge expectations exist for the new iPhone.

All will be focused on Apple, which must release a new device that will distinguish it from the last few versions to boost the brand and to shore up its falling sales across China.

From what has been seen thus far from the many leaks, it appears the next iPhone is going to include radical alterations, but launches a day before the scheduled Xiaomi event which will layout comparisons from day one with the next flagship of Apple with Xiaomi’s own flagship device.

Xiaomi’s Mi Mix was a huge hit beyond the usual fans it has thanks to a great front design that is almost entirely screen and a tiny bezel.

That at that time was a huge breakthrough, as the Mi Mix was billed originally by Xiaomi as a concept device. However, today screens are the big topic for 2017 smartphones. Samsung and LG unveiled devices that have tiny bezels running with the design of the Mi Mix, so there is naturally loads of anticipation over the new designs from Xiaomi for its follow-up handset.

Early leaks have suggested a bezel that is even smaller, with the Snapdragon 836 Qualcomm chipset and support from Android Oreo 8.0.

Xiaomi has not said that much for now, since they do not want to spoil their event.

This year has been far better for Xiaomi following a struggle last year to maintain its strong growth of the two prior years.

Lei Jun the CEO admitted Xiaomi grew too fast after looking at results from 2016, but in 2017 it appears to have impressive growth in sales and a recent loan of $1 billion to put focus on international growth that stalled recently with little to no sign of much success outside China.

That is why the launch timing for its second generation Mi Mix is ideal and the big wait is on for next week’s two big events on 24 hours apart from one another.