Life Did Exist On Mars Suggests New Discovery

Scientists said they found new evidence that suggests life might have existed at one time on Mars.

The Curiosity rover of NASA detected boron, which is an essential ingredient for life, on the surface of Mars.

This discovery is a big boost in the search for extraterrestrial and might back up the theory that suggests life on Mars was forced underground when the planet was turned to a “frigid desert.”

One Los Alamos National Laboratory researcher said that because borates might play a big role in the making of RNA one of life’s building blocks, finding boron there gives further evidence of life possibly having once been on Mars.

Borates are a possible bridge from organic molecules in their simple form to RNA, and without RNA there is no life, added the researcher.

RNA, ribonucleic acid, is present in all life and involved in decoding and expression of genes from the DNA. It can be unstable, so if boron is not present it would quickly decompose.

The researcher’s work is in full detail in a study that was published earlier this week in Geophysical Research Letters an online journal.

The study describes how the Curiosity discovered the element in the mineral veins of calcium sulphate on the planet’s rocky surface.

That means that boron had been present in the groundwater on Mars and indicated that the crater where the NASA device is at this time, might have been were life on Mars was once located.

It adds to the strange theory that life had originated on Mars and had been carried over to Earth on a big asteroid.

An astronomer has claimed previously that pieces of Mars can be found on Earth and suspects that pieces of Earth can be found on Mars.

If the material is able to carry living organisms, it would be possible that people on Earth are Martian, claims the astronomer.

Those hypotheses have caused officials to ask experts at NASA whether life did exist there.

U.S. Senator Dana Rohrabacher asked a scientist who was overseeing the Mars 2020 rover mission of NASA if aliens had lived on Mars.

He asked the scientist if it was possible civilization was on Mars many thousands of years ago.

The NASA scientist replied that the evidence Mars had been different billions of years ago, not thousands, and no evidence exists that he is was aware of about life on Mars.