Tom Brady Says Comments by President Trump Were Divisive

Tom Brady the veteran quarterback of the New England Patriots and winner of five Super Bowls addressed the remarks made by President Donald Trump Monday morning by saying he disagreed with what the president said and said it had been just divisive.

The willingness by Brady to answer a question related to the president’s comments during his weekly interview was different from the way he had handled a query following his team’s last second victory over Houston Sunday.

Brady said at the time he did not want to talk about politics while he spoke about how much love he has for his fellow teammates.

However, on Monday during the radio interview, Brady was asked about if he thought the president had bigger things to concern himself with than players kneeling during the playing of the national anthem.

After Brady said he did not agree with the remarks made by Trump, he added that he only wanted to support his teammates and is never one to say things are right or wrong, but believe in what he believes in, and that is bringing together people and love, respect and trust.

Those Brady said those were the values his parents had instilled in him and that is the way he tries to live each day.

Brady was also asked if he ever had talked with his teammates about the friendship he had with Trump, and he said that never happened.

On Friday, Trump criticized players in the NFL who lodged protests while the national anthem was playing. Trump said during a rally in Alabama that wouldn’t it be nice to see one of the owners in the NFL to take a player off the field when he disrespects the flag and fire him.

Seventeen players for the Patriots kneeled while the anthem played on Sunday, while Brady stood with a group of his teammates that interlocked their arms.

Fans, at New England’s home stadium, booed players, who had kneeled down, with some calling for the players to stand.

Brady was asked if the boos had disappointed him and he said not because everyone has the right to do what they want.

If you do not agree, that is fine, you are able to voice disagreement, as it is part of the country’s democracy.

Matt Light a former offensive tackle with the Patriots reacted strongly to the kneeling players calling it “beyond disheartening.” He added that it was the first time he was ever ashamed to be a New England Patriot.