Marshall Faulk and Others Suspended by ESPN and NFL Network

Sexual harassment accusations have rocked the political, media and entertainment worlds and now several sports stars are facing similar allegations.

ESPN and the NFL Network suspended five former players in the NFL including Marshall Faulk, a member of the Hall of Fame, because of allegations in a Monday court filing that accused the five of repeated sexual harassment during their time working for the NFL Network.

Other former players named in this suit include Heath Evans and Ike Taylor, whom with Faulk were suspended by the network, as well as Eric Davis and Donovan McNabb, who are currently working for ESPN.

The NFL Network announced that it was conducting its own investigation into the allegations and that its three current employees were suspended with pay.

ESPN said it was investigating the allegations, and that neither Davis nor McNabb would be on air while the network was carrying out its probe.

In addition, Warren Sapp, another member of the NFL Hall of Fame was named in the court action. Sapp was fired in 2015 by the NFL Network after being arrested for propositioning a prostitute in Phoenix while doing coverage for the network at the Super Bowl.

The National Football League owns the NFL Network. The league has struggled with lower ratings as well as criticism from President Donald Trump and others for players who kneel in protest during the playing of the national anthem.

The lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles at a California superior court by Jami Cantor who is a former NFL Network wardrobe stylist.

Laura Horton, the attorney representing Cantor called her client courageous to come forward and that she was proud of her and committed to the continuance of this very important national conversation over sexual harassment.

Amongst the allegations listed in the suit are that Faulk had fondled the breasts of Cantor, invited Cantor to his room at a hotel, and pulled his genitals out in front of her.

Faulk is also alleged to have pinned Cantor against the wall and demanded she give him oral sex.

Ike Taylor is alleged to have sent inappropriate photos to Cantor including a video in which he appears nude.

Heath Evans allegedly sent nude pictures to Cantor on two occasions.

Sapp allegedly gave sex toys to Cantor as a gift for Christmas three consecutive years.

The court complaint said when the NFL network required Cantor to work in the bathroom preparing men’s clothes, Sapp is alleged to have entered and urinated with her present.