Boston Red Sox Bringing Attention To Popular Video Game

During an off day before a key three-game series against the Yankees, some Boston Red Sox players spent their personal time holed up in their hotel rooms playing Fortnite, a game that’s gained international attention. Many of the Red Sox are avid Fortnite players. The team has busted out victory dances from the game after big plays this season.

Millions of people are playing the game and watching videos of it on YouTube and other streaming services. The objective of the multiplayer game is to be the last survivor at the end of each 100-player round. While gradually eliminating all foes, players must also search for survivors and resources in a post-apocalyptic world.

Some reporters suggested playing the popular video game led to Red Sox pitcher David Price’s most recent injury. Price recently admitted he plays Fortnite up to three hours a day, sometimes with teammates and sometimes with random people online. Price says he does not believe video games were the cause of his injury.

Price was scratched from his start against the New York Yankees after experiencing numbness in his hand. Numbness in the fingers often means something is seriously wrong. The pitcher underwent 6 hours of testing in a hospital to determine the cause of the numbness.

All the tests showed his shoulder and elbow are in good shape, and thoracic outlet syndrome has been ruled out. He was found to be dealing with a mild case of carpal tunnel syndrome. Whatever led to the ailment, it is not so severe that Price has to be placed on the disabled list. He’s expected to make his next start with the Red Sox on Saturday.

During an extended bullpen session, Price told reporters that he plans to quit playing Fortnite at the ballpark because it’s a distraction. He said, “I won’t be playing at the field. That’s already caused enough noise. That’s not the issue though, I promise you that.” A sports medicine doctor agreed, saying thumb inflammation is the more common affliction among gamers.