Ryder System (NYSE:R) Announces Earnings Results

Ryder System (NYSE:RGet Free Report) announced its quarterly earnings results on Tuesday. The transportation company reported $2.14 EPS for the quarter, topping analysts’ consensus estimates of $1.71 by $0.43, Briefing.com reports. Ryder System had a net margin of 3.45% and a return on equity of 19.68%. The firm had revenue of $3.10 billion during the quarter, compared to analyst estimates of $3.06 billion. During the same period in the previous year, the business posted $2.81 earnings per share. The business’s revenue for the quarter was up 4.9% on a year-over-year basis.

Ryder System Price Performance

Shares of Ryder System stock traded down $2.21 during trading hours on Wednesday, hitting $119.80. The company’s stock had a trading volume of 125,935 shares, compared to its average volume of 258,015. The business has a 50 day moving average price of $114.26 and a two-hundred day moving average price of $110.58. Ryder System has a 12-month low of $76.15 and a 12-month high of $122.94. The company has a market cap of $5.30 billion, a PE ratio of 13.85 and a beta of 1.40. The company has a debt-to-equity ratio of 1.80, a quick ratio of 0.62 and a current ratio of 0.62.

Ryder System Announces Dividend

The firm also recently disclosed a quarterly dividend, which was paid on Friday, March 15th. Stockholders of record on Tuesday, February 20th were given a $0.71 dividend. The ex-dividend date of this dividend was Friday, February 16th. This represents a $2.84 annualized dividend and a dividend yield of 2.37%. Ryder System’s payout ratio is 32.53%.

Insider Transactions at Ryder System

In other news, CMO Karen M. Jones sold 7,737 shares of Ryder System stock in a transaction dated Wednesday, February 28th. The stock was sold at an average price of $113.48, for a total value of $877,994.76. Following the sale, the chief marketing officer now directly owns 12,396 shares of the company’s stock, valued at $1,406,698.08. The sale was disclosed in a legal filing with the Securities & Exchange Commission, which is available at the SEC website. Insiders own 5.10% of the company’s stock.

Analyst Upgrades and Downgrades

Several research firms recently weighed in on R. Robert W. Baird reiterated a “buy” rating and set a $140.00 target price on shares of Ryder System in a research report on Wednesday, January 3rd. Vertical Research downgraded Ryder System from a “buy” rating to a “hold” rating and set a $120.00 target price on the stock. in a research report on Wednesday, January 10th. The Goldman Sachs Group lifted their target price on Ryder System from $122.00 to $135.00 and gave the company a “buy” rating in a research report on Wednesday. JPMorgan Chase & Co. lifted their target price on Ryder System from $120.00 to $126.00 and gave the company a “neutral” rating in a research report on Wednesday. Finally, Stephens lifted their target price on Ryder System from $113.00 to $120.00 and gave the company an “equal weight” rating in a research report on Wednesday. Seven research analysts have rated the stock with a hold rating and two have assigned a buy rating to the company. Based on data from MarketBeat.com, the stock has a consensus rating of “Hold” and a consensus target price of $123.71.

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Ryder System, Inc operates as a logistics and transportation company worldwide. It operates through three segments: Fleet Management Solutions (FMS), Supply Chain Solutions (SCS), and Dedicated Transportation Solutions (DTS). The FMS segment offers full-service leasing and leasing with flexible maintenance options; commercial vehicle rental services; and contract or transactional maintenance services of trucks, tractors, and trailers; access to diesel fuel; and fuel planning and tax reporting, cards, and monitoring services, and centralized billing, as well as sells used vehicles through its retail sales centers and www.ryder.com/used-trucks website, as well as digital and technology support services.

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